Monday, November 5, 2007

Dance Fever at Le Meridien

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My colleagues have hidden talents. The first day of our all-hands meeting ended with dinner and a DJ. I just love the Hari Krishna hip-hop song and a colleague got excited when the main song from the "Om Shanti Om" soundtrack played: "This was the movie I was telling you to go see this weekend."

I danced along with all of them. Never mind that I'm older than most of my local colleagues. They were generous and inclusive. And I did it in a salwar kameez and open-toed sandals with a bit of a heel. Definitely, I've been stretching beyond my typical fashion-zone, and it has been surprisingly fun.

Most inspirational of all, one of them was blind. The other guys were dancing with him, holding his hands and being spirited. He was among the best of the dancers. I was reminded of watching Jewish men dance together at Jewish weddings, only all of them were Indian guys in their twenties.

What fun!

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