Thursday, November 8, 2007


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Boom, Boom, Boom...

...was part of a fun '80s pop-song chorus by Paul Lekakis. The booms popped all day in honor of Diwali, and they're still bursting.

I found them a bit scary while Pat was purely amused by the firecrackers and their accompanying detritus, which lay all over the streets of our neighborhood.

The simply beautiful candles on people's doorsteps appealed to me most.


The House of Reps went for it yesterday. When it includes transgender people, I'll celebrate.

Animals Are People, Too

A baby salamander found its way into our downstairs bathroom today. I don't think I ever mentioned that one of the telephone numbers we were given when we moved in was for the snake-catcher. So far, thank God, we haven't needed to dial him.

My friend Chitra and her family bought an Alsatian German Shepherd today. I haven't yet met Miranda, but Pat's looking forward to it. My local manager, our colleague from Gurgaon, Pat and I had dinner last night and I asked them if they loved animals. Pat said yes, and one of them replied, "The human kind."

"Are we animals, Pat?" I asked this afternoon.

"Yes because we're not vegetables or minerals."

For the first time here the other day, I saw road-kill. It was early in the morning, during my commute. I'd thought that animals were safe here, even as they've ambled into the roads routinely. Pat taught me that it's considered bad Karma for Hindus to kill an animal.

I've missed this forum all week; I was in solidly off-site meetings till Thursday. It's hard to return to the groove when I've been out of it for more than a few days, which is why, typically, I try not to go without posting for more than three days or so.


David & Gerard said...

Oh my goodness Sarah, the photos from Paul Lekakis' website took my breath away! I expect they don't do much for you or Pat, but all I can say is "wow!" ...

We're going to have dinner with Hart & Chuck on Saturday, only the second time we'ver managed to get together with them since you left.

We are really looking foward to seeing you in December!!

David & Gerard

Sarah Siegel said...

Yes, Paul Lekakis is lovely, but it's true that it's the song that really sticks with me.

We're planning on taking all four of you out to dinner upon our return as a thank-you for Chuck's and Hart's India pre-orientation, and for your introducing us to them. They were great mentors on-demand.