Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oh, Kannada

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Today, More Than Just A Word A Day

When Channa and I were commuting this morning, I told him that I felt bad that I had forgotten to ask for my word or phrase of the day yesterday, so we made up for it:

  • Oota aita?/Did you eat?
  • Tindi aita?/Did you eat breakfast?
  • Shoobowdaya/Good morning.
  • Shoobadeena/Have a good day.
  • Shoobaratri/Good night.
  • Danyawada/Thank you.
  • Dayawitu/Please
  • Walaya chalaka/You are a great driver.
  • Navaratriya shoobashayagalu/Happy Navarati.
  • Madeema/used when referring either to radio or TV
  • Mara/Tree.

It was fun and humbling to be back to such basics in language. It's like being a baby again...only with many more responsibilities!

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