Friday, July 11, 2008

My Birthday Season

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No Cake on My Face This Year...

When we were living in India last year, my colleague Sushma smeared birthday cake all over my face on my birthday, at the office. I will miss that Indian custom on Sunday, when I turn 43.

There's another Indian birthday custom I can follow, though: I'll bring in a big bowl of strawberries or cherries to class on Sunday. In India, it's customary to provide a bowl of candy on one's birthday, but I prefer serving friends fruit, and so I'll adopt and adapt the custom in parallel.

How I Want to Celebrate My Birthday

I hope we can go to the Lego exhibit at the Stamford Museum & Nature Center with my mom, sisters, brothers-in-law, nephews (other than Zach, who's in Canada with his other grandmother) and niece. And then I hope that all of us can sit by the lake there and draw from our imagination, or something/someone we see. I'm jones-ing for some fresh art supplies. Maybe I can get them after class tomorrow night.

When I was a kid, I took painting, sculpting, drawing and cartooning classes at the Stamford Museum and loved all of them.

Here's what appeals to me as I look now online:

Maybe I'll need to find the Caran D'Ache pastels at:
Caran D'Ache North America:
Caran d'Ache | 19 West 24th St. | New York, NY 10011
Bruno B. Loehrer
Customer Service:
US Telephone: 718.482.7500
World: 41.22.869.01.01

Not to kill my own buzz, but this is starting to remind me of the many times I've wanted to write and then spent money on books on writing, or just on good fiction. Maybe not, though, as I'm less convinced about my talent as a visual artist than I am invested in wishing I were a more talented, silkier writer. We'll see what I let myself do naturally....

Switching Gears

In ~15 minutes, I'll begin the classroom Part II portion of my Conflict Resolution practicum and I'm hoping that between now and the end of the weekend, when the classroom portion ends, I'll have a good idea for writing a 12-page paper to apply what I've learned. So far, nothing's gelling around a concept for it.


Anonymous said...

So if someone wanted to buy you the Fanboy Comic Concept Sketch Pages how might he go about it?

PS Have you seen some of the subversive "If male superheroes were drawn the way female superheroes are drawn..." posts out there in the blogosphere?
Like this:

There was another hysterical post that was page-by-page rewrite of a popular "how to draw superheroes" handbook, but I've lost the url.

Anyway, this is apropros of nothing unless you are planning to draw superheroic characters. :-)

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

OK, I found it. Just for edification, mind?


Sarah Siegel said...

Great stuff, Kevin. Thanks. The "Fanboy" item appealed to me only because of the name, "Fanboy." I don't know how to use such paper.

I was so tired after my class tonight that I forgot all about my idea of going to Caran D'ache.

Maybe I'll go tomorrow, on my actual birthday...or maybe I'll be drained again from practicing conflict resolution.