Saturday, July 5, 2008

What My Creativity Needs Right Now

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My dad's mohair-wool, knit, square-bottomed tie is around my neck right now. Will I wear it outside?

"It's kind of formal, and hot," Pat suggested tactfully when I said I might wear it in public today.

I did some closet re-organizing yesterday morning and now, I can see my collection of ties more readily. In the '80s, I wore them when I went to dance-clubs fairly often and I always felt extra-suave when I did. A number of them came from my dad, may his memory be blessed -- my mom let me have the ones I wanted -- and I also bought three of them for myself back then.

This one from my dad is a shade brighter than '70s refrigerator-green. Along with the tie, I'm wearing a pair of olive cargo pants that I bought in India and a light-blue denim shirt. Why does wearing this outfit make me feel that there are more creative possibilities for me? It says: I am different. Not conventional. Will I wear it outside today, though?

I told Pat, I think I want to wear one or another tie all weekend, at least in the house. She was encouraging of that. I'm also thinking that if I wear my dad's ties, maybe they'll loan me the spirit of his brilliance; this tie encircled my dad's neck and lay on his chest every so often as he worked to invent the next big toy or game throughout the '70s.

Lately, I'm inventing learning events for work and papers for school, and for my birthday, which is on July 13th, Pat agreed to go to an art supply store with me, so I could buy some drawing paper and a new set of Caran D'Ache crayons. We're going to Maine later this summer and I want to invent some new drawings while we're there.

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