Wednesday, July 16, 2008


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"...I Am Still Thirsty"

I heard this '90s hit over the weekend and can't get it out of my head. The lyrics are haunting.

Asking to be taken to another place might resonate with me right now because I'm working a bit harder than I'd like: all weekend at a seminar for school, including on my birthday; hosting a national delegation of school principals at the IBM Learning Center, where I work, nearly all day yesterday, but not until after delivering a 45-minute presentation to the IBM Academy of Technology in Bangalore, via web cam in a web conference. It was 6:55 am for me, though late-afternoon for them.

I don't really want to go to another place, but just to have some leisure moments; I'm stealing this one from a project that's due today (before midnight still qualifies as today). In late-August, happily, I'll take a two-week vacation with Pat, and so after all, there's no reason to kvetch. I suppose I'm half-kvetching and half-bragging. It's a good problem to have -- interesting assignments and projects, but it's just the nuisance of needing sleep!...I went swimming this morning for 20 minutes. Better 20 than none. Had to rush to a teleconference. Still, I'm glad I did it....I know, how ironic to be relating to a song about triumphing over lynchings by comparing the lyrics to how I feel about my stimulating, if temporarily oppressive-feeling, work-load.

Thank you, God, for all of the challenges. Lately, I feel hyper-creative and then hyper-extended, depending on the moment....I've never been to Tennessee, and whether or not I'm entitled to be, I am also still thirsty.

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