Saturday, July 12, 2008

Nature at its Best

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Flowers, Foliage and Food

Pat is cooking scallops that were caught in the Atlantic Ocean off of New Jersey this morning and that a fisherman brought to the farmers' market in Montclair today. They're huge and beautiful. She took me for a quick walk around our property while the butter began to do its work.

I saw flowers that we missed while we were in India last year: red and purple dahlias, yellow and white lillies, gladioli in a variety of colors and the willow tree we added to the backyard this past spring.

In the fridge is a strawberry festival in a box, that is, at my request, Pat bought boxes and boxes of the cute, sweet fruit, so I could bring in a bunch of it for my 25 classmates and professors in celebration of my birthday tomorrow. I've opted to adopt the Indian custom of giving out sweets on one's birthday -- just not the candy variety.

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