Friday, October 31, 2008

The Mean House

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No Candy Here

We were supposed to meet our friend Adam for dinner and Shabbat services, but he had to stay late at work, and then we were too lazy to go into the city, since we weren't meeting him.

At the end of the work-day, a colleague and I were speaking by phone and as she was hanging up, she asked, "Are you looking forward to the trick-or-treaters?"

"Since you're asking," I said, "Actually, we're the mean house. I'm philosophically anti-sugar and I feel like I'm giving kids poison by giving them candy, so we'll probably shut off all the outside lights and watch DVDs in our basement."

She laughed.

How about you?"

"Oh, I *love* it," she said.


Pat and I did opt to go get Middle Eastern food for dinner, which we seem to do weekly now. I felt better as we drove up the street and saw that at least a third of our neighbors were not participating in the candy-giving ritual.

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