Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Oh, How I Miss You!

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My Fair Blog

I just wish I could sit here and play/write, but I need to read 20 more pages before class tomorrow night. This morning, our cat Toonces woke me at 3 am. I lay in bed till 4:30 and then got up and drew a bath.

Lying in a tub with a book in my hand is the next best thing to moving through a pool of water. Read 20+ pages of the school article and the rest of *French Milk.* The artist was a talented cartoonist.

Friday night will be fun, after all this work-pumping; our friend from Chicago, who now lives in New York, will join us for Shabbat services at our synagogue. There's a Halloween Party for artists that we've been invited to afterwards, but I don't know if I'll still be awake what an intimidating crowd for which to try to fashion my, typically, I've only ever worn a costume to synagogue during Purim, as a little girl.

Right now, as I go to read this scholarly article on designing e-learning, I can't get Me'shell NdegeOcello music out of my head.


suomynona said...

A better link would be ;)

Sarah Siegel said...

God, how cool would it be if you were Me'Shell NdegeOcello herself, commenting on my choice of URLs!

Either way, I hope you won't mind that I went one level deeper than the home page, as this page interested me -- the musical influences -- and I think people can click to get to the home page from there.