Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 Random Things...

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...About Me

A high school friend sent me a note on Facebook yesterday:

Hey Sarah!

Just wanted to say hi. I'm still trying to figure out if I'm comfortable with Facebook--I'm new to all of this and it feels odd to be so public with so much information about myself. After all, does anyone really need to know where I went to elementary school? My much younger friend here in...tells me to just get over it....

I responded:
...Don't let your friend bully you. You're already hip by having any sort of profile on Facebook -- doesn't need to blare. (Of course, some of us blare compulsively; I blog and love how open it all is now, but I think it's all about temperament, narcissism level and where we feel least shy. I'm much less shy online than in person)....

All this is my preface to the weirdness I've felt over the past couple of days at having been tagged several times to complete my own list of 25 random things about me. According to my declaration above, I should be less shy, since it's online self-expression, but:

  1. I can be aggressively shy -- more comfortable asking, than being asked, questions
  2. My tongue can fold into a Colonial tri-cornered-hat shape; it's genetic, as my sisters' are similar
  3. As a child, I drew my friend's pet Airedale on the backs of paper-plates
  4. I am always funniest when I least mean to be
  5. My favorite feature on faces is dimples
  6. In the '80s, more than one person thought I looked like Kirstie Alley
  7. I believe that art is all about restoring dignity
  8. Prior to our adopting two cats last summer, I had no special love for them
  9. Nearly all cats are darling to me now
  10. Graphic novels and memoirs appeal to me
  11. At 13, I had a frenectomy to close a big gap between my two front teeth
  12. Water is my favorite medium; I prefer it to land...being in water, not on it
  13. The web is my favorite new medium
  14. Orientation dyslexia has always afflicted me; I have no sense of direction
  15. It is not genetic; my oldest sister has the best sense of direction of anyone I've ever known
  16. Yiddish is a language I wish I knew fluently
  17. Minerals can mesmerize me
  18. Laughing is precious to me and I'm easily amused
  19. My torso is extra-long and it is hard to find bathing suits
  20. In high school, I took typing twice to ensure I could type accurately and relatively quickly
  21. At 14, I played Dungeons & Dragons due to peer pressure
  22. In D&D, I was a Druid
  23. All of the words to the "Pippin" song, "On the Right Track," are known to me
  24. I know all of the words to lots and lots of songs
  25. Life is a gift, I'm convinced.


Bernie said...


If you like water AND you have a long torso, you could have been a competitive swimmer!

Sarah Siegel said...

If only I could have found a bathing suit that fit! (Just kidding.)

I do swim as my primary form of exercise now, but back when I could have/should have swum on a team, in high school, I was more enchanted by skiing and roller-skating...though not competitively in either sport.