Friday, January 30, 2009

People Mean So Well...

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...but They Can Be So Mean

The other night, my partner Pat and I watched ""Prayers for Bobby"" and tonight, Alexandra Pelosi's documentary on Reverand Ted Haggard.

Spoiler Alert

While watching the documentary, I thought, it's a wonder that Reverand Haggard hasn't killed himself and it was not surprising that Bobby did. When I was a kid, our rabbi committed adultery with one of the congregants. She was beautiful. The rabbi was much less handsome, I thought, than her husband. The rabbi and the beautiful woman ended up marrying each other.

The congregation split and my parents went with the half that left to form a new congregation. Personally, from my eight-year-old perspective, I didn't understand how the woman could have chosen the rabbi over her handsome husband, how a rabbi could break one of the 10 Commandments. Regardless of my shock and the older congregants' disappointment, this rabbi's life was not ruined like Reverand Haggard's seems to have been.

Bobby's own mother, too, made Bobby's life unbearable by being unable to love Bobby for who he was, and so they lost each other. My mother watched "Larry King Live" last night and so did we. King interviewed the reverend and his wife and oldest son. My mom was angry when we spoke this morning. "He [Reverand Haggard] acted like it was a disease."

I suppose I'm fortunate that my mom understands that my lesbianism is not a choice.

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