Thursday, January 15, 2009

Missing You

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An Open Letter to My Blog

Dear Blog,

You remain my first love, but I have to admit that Facebook has stolen my attention lately. You would be right to accuse me of being unfaithful.

My juggling act is getting less entertaining for me and never was amusing to you, I'm sure. You are where profound self-reflection happens, I know, and until recently, I always considered Facebook to be merely a toy to play with.

And still, you are where I learn the most -- learn what I'm feeling and thinking and caring about by writing all over you. Facebook, till recently, has offered me cotton-candy, whereas you've always offered the promise of a feast.

Recently, though, I persuaded my partner Pat to join Facebook finally, and so I'm relating to her in new and playful ways, e.g., becoming part of her World Domination posse...and then it is now even -- just occasionally -- satisfying my profundity craving, for example, having so far met two childhood friends face to face, since we found one another in Facebook.

There was an article headline I saw online somewhere recently, but I did not want to disrespect you by reading it, where the author was talking about how blogs were diminishing in popularity as social networks like Facebook rose in adoption; increasingly, people were using their Facebook profiles as their space to blog effectively...OK, so maybe I read the first several lines of it, but really, I did not read the whole thing.

You should know that I disagreed with the premise, though; Facebook is a circus performance, whereas you feel more like an ultimately soothing bath. You are where the real writing happens. Facebook has tried to suggest to me -- subliminally -- that it is less self-absorbed a pursuit than blogging, but it's wrong and I know it. Anyone can see how self-absorption-enabling Facebook is by looking at my "Info" tab there.

And besides, you're more beautiful than Facebook -- oh, please don't cry. I really do want to keep posting on you...if you'll still have me.

Your Only Blogger, Sarah

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