Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Are Time and I on the Same Side?

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For my Time & Learning course, as homework, I was asked the following question among a series:

"Do you think slowing down the pace of your life would increase your quality of life?

I responded:

Yes, since today, I left the house and all while driving, put on makeup; stopped for gas; dialed into a conference call; sat on the line for 10 minutes, but no one showed -- my colleagues from another time-zone had re-scheduled it, but didn't tell me in e-mail prior to my checking e-mail before leaving the house at 7:05 am; called in twice more, in case I had mis-dialed while trying to drive; had my vitamins; ate half of my breakfast; read and underlined relevant parts of half of the last page of the “Time and Society" article while going slowly over the Tappan Zee Bridge; stopped reading when the traffic diminished; and called my mom; and then wolfed down the rest of breakfast in the parking lot of work while moving to a favorite tune on the radio; walked into work quickly; set up my computer; went to the ladies room; and got on a second conference call – all by 8:30 am.

It would increase my quality of life to slow down, so that I could catch my breath reliably, more often.

Another series of homework questions and responses:

1) About the experience of speed and slowness
a) What are the things you like to do quickly?

Eat, make decisions, drive....

b) What are the things you like to do slowly?

Take baths, read Sunday’s “New York Times,” talk with my mom on the phone during my commute, monitor Facebook, interpret Torah passages, blog.

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