Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why Anyone's Attracted...

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To the Same Gender

"Sex Addiction" was the topic of the Michael Baisden radio show this afternoon on my way to class at Teachers College. The guest was Dr. Gwendolyn Goldsby Grant. She disappointed me. A caller said that if "her man" didn't meet her needs, the caller would turn to a woman.

If I remember correctly, Dr. Grant agreed with the caller, reinforcing that, yes, women turn to bisexuality in reaction to unavailable or hurtful men. Oy! Sure, that might be the case sometimes, e.g., the female stars of the film, "Fire," I think, but that is not the core reason for bisexuality in women as I understand it; it's an orientation, like heterosexuality or homosexuality.

I reached 120th and Broadway before getting to hear the next part of the program, which was going to focus on women "on the down-low," i.e., women who were seeking each other, rather than men, but in secret. I just went to to see if I could tell how the discussion went from any of the comments, but the first two pages-full did not even refer to this part of the program....I'm curious as to how this topic fit into a show about sex addiction, though perhaps it was a separate segment. I want to give Michael Baisden the benefit of the doubt, as I have heard him be an ally on a previous show.

A heterosexual friend from another culture, where speaking of *any* sexual orientation is taboo, once asked me how I could be so open about my sexual orientation.

"Because it's an *orientation*," I said, "Like being left-handed....I could write with my right hand, but it wouldn't be natural."

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