Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Full Moon Reflection

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Soon, I Will Be Walking Under It

It's beyond time to leave my office for the night and return to my hotel-room on our Learning Center's campus, where I'm staying for part of the week while I co-facilitate a program for our emerging senior technical leaders. When I do, I'll have a moonlight-walk that should be brisk and refreshing, and should inspire at least a 60-minute second wind when I arrive in my room:

I really must make more progress on reading the two academic articles that are due for school this week, so that I can respond to our professor's guided inquiry by Thursday...but I'm lonesome for my blog, and so here's at least a quick acknowledgement:

On any given day, my Sitemeter delights me for the diversity of viewers' locations it displays; locales from yesterday and today were no exception:

I love reading the city-names in this excerpt. Tonight, I'm feeling hopeful that I can be an agent for a more globally-harmonious company and even world; it's the fault of the program participants: Their cultures include American; Belgian; Canadian; Danish; German; Indian; Israeli; Japanese; Romanian; Spanish; and Swiss.

And then in addition, if my blog is at all useful to people from Camachile to Yonkers, then I'm blessed.

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