Friday, March 13, 2009

Shalom Bayit...

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Means "Peace in the Home"

Tonight, after our practically weekly meal out, Pat and I watched a movie that held little appeal for me, "Bank Job." I did it for the sake of what observant Jews refer to as "shalom bayit" or "Peace in the Home."

Fortunately, there's not much I feel the need to do for shalom bayit because our home already has a lot of shalom, and there's plenty that both of us enjoy doing together.

Previously, I've written here that a few years ago, an Indian colleague (from India) spent a weekend with Pat and me prior to a conference that my colleague and I were attending together.

When she visited her college friends afterwards -- they had moved from India to Virginia -- they asked, "How was it, staying with lesbians?"

"Like staying with any family, only more peaceful," she said she told them.

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