Wednesday, July 25, 2007


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Tonight, on a whim, I opened my Verizon e-mail account. I look at it almost never. My in-box included e-mail from Rosa, who runs the IBM Learning Center sundry shop.

Before I left, we exchanged e-mail addresses and I wrote her a quick note. She was on vacation in Puerto Rico with her family for three weeks and just returned. What a sweet note she sent me.

I felt like I was right there in the Learning Center, talking with her, like we do often. When I'm at my best, I do manage to connect whole-heartedly with people.

Rosa needs to deliver a couple of messages for me, I told her in my response: that I miss Libby's delicious omelettes, and that Paulette, the dining room host, needs to know my current favorite radio-songs, "Rehab" and "Party Like a Rock Star."

I'm also liking "Hey There, Delilah" and one the chorus of which includes the words, "She's an angel..."

Tonight, I feel I'm having good memories, rather than waxing nostalgic. At dinner tonight, the accordionist played French tunes, including one that Marlene Dietrich sang, according to Pat, the title of which began with "Lilly...."

He walked by without his instrument and we smiled at each other.

"Who's that?" Pat said.

"The accordionist."

"Wow, I'm the friendly one, but you actually remember who all of them are."

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