Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm Losing My Edge...

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...Due to the Cats

Petting our darling, pretty/cute-faced cats is dulling my edge. Their effect is too calming, I fear.

And Toonces now comes to visit nightly, any time between 1 and 5 am. She likes being taller than us, which she is only when we're prone. She still has her claws because Pat tells me it would be like cutting off their finger-tips if we de-clawed them...and she must knead nightly. She found my bare shoulder last night.

The thing is, I found myself staying up all night, waiting for her arrival; this morning, she came up to see us at 3 am. I'm much more tired than when I've slept solidly. It's for life, now

Still, I am pleased to feed them and freshen their kitty-litter each morning so far. They're a way to start each day, being of service.

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