Saturday, September 27, 2008

Today's Gratitude

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It's nearly Rosh Hashanah, the time of year when I ought to be doing a spiritual accounting of my past year, and so I'll list that I'm grateful for my:

  • Pat, for making me laugh and making delicious meals, and more
  • Mother's mostly good health and total lucidity at 82
  • Two (and only) older sisters, who are menschen (in the Yiddish sense of the word, i.e., humane beings/good people)
  • Sisters' relative health
  • Sense of humor
  • YMHA swimming pool, with its good hours and blue-on-blue striped lanes
  • Radio-access to top pop-music
  • Funny and kind brothers-in-law
  • Sweet, and appealing, and talented niece and nephews
  • Pat's mother's health and love
  • Pat's nice brother, who calls the plays with her by phone throughout football season
  • Two cat-sisters, with their green eyes and brown, striped fur, and sometimes-affectionate ways
  • Apparently restored inner-ear-bone health (kaynahoreh/no evil eye), according to Dr. Brookler at my checkup last week
  • Friends, who recommended my seeing Dr. Brookler
  • Friends, who I don't see enough of, but who make me happy whenever I do get to see them
  • Hundreds of contacts on various social networking sites, who make me feel part of a community
  • Flowering plant that's sitting on our deck; it was near death and Pat brought it back to life, and now, it has a profusion of big, purple flowers
  • Spacious, art- and book-filled home
  • Property full of flowers and trees and a bright green lawn maintained by my resident "lawnologist," Pat
  • Freedom to experiment and be creative at work
  • Being stateside for the High Holidays, rather than on our own in India, a country, where Jews are not really on the we were last year
  • Having contributed to the launch of an Indian chapter of our GLBT employee network group
  • Big-screen TV, which enables us to feel like we're at the theater
  • Opportunity to pursue a Masters degree part-time while working full-time -- to learn continually, and now at the graduate school level.

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