Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Own, Original Prayer

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For the New Year

Please, God, let me contribute to a better world daily, or even very often. Let me remember to ask you for help when I feel anxious or sad.

Please keep my loved ones and me physically and mentally healthy, and animatedly alive.

Help me continue to be a loving parent to our kitties, Phoebe and Toonces, and let me continue appreciating how lucky I am to have Pat's love and dedication.

Please help me to be not only positively contributory, but creative and original in doing so...but please don't make me or my product so unique that no one can relate to it.

Short-term, please help motivate me to be as engaged as I've been historically in my Masters program and keep me pumping my help to all of the projects I'm part of at work with humility, but not with too much humility.

God, please help me continue to love my body through swimming for exercise regularly and by eating only foods that are healthy for me. And please help me go to sleep earlier, so that I get at least seven hours of sleep the majority of nights.

Overall, help me remain gracious, funny, positive, inclusive, community-oriented and hopeful, and alert to Your presence, and to all of the special moments and people and things that I notice when I stay present with what and who is around me, rather than when I'm self-absorbed.

Please let this year be full of love and adventure and good health for everyone, including me. Amen.

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