Thursday, September 11, 2008

Live from Austin...

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Note: I'm totally cheating: I've just cut and pasted this blog-entry from my internal, IBM blog, "Learning for Fun and Profit." I try not to do that too often, but it's only practical this week.

It's the Out & Equal Workplace Summit!

I'm excited to be co-facilitating, "Engaging in Virtual Worlds for Real-world Business Value" with Suzy Deffeyes and Eric Rybczynski later today; Suzy initiated it and I begged to help, since I had experience with an internal case study -- the mentoring pilots we've done in the Metaverse. It was interesting to work with Suzy and Eric, who are marvelously technically-oriented, and to learn from their vast experience with virtual worlds. Suzy, for example, is part of the Digital Convergence EBO [emerging business opportunity] and Eric became interested, in part, due to his deafness, since the early days of Second Life, for instance, were not about VoIP, but rather text-chat, which opened up a new world of people with whom Eric could easily communicate.

Since most of you are not here with us, I think you can be the first to see the charts and speaker notes that'll accompany us. We'll also hand out a tips-and-benefits sheet. [I'll share the tips-and-benefits sheet next week.]

On Friday, I'm psyched to be serving on an inter-company panel that I conceived of and organized, "How to Succeed at International Assignments While Being L, G, B or T [lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender]." Rob Shook, Suzy Deffeyes and I will be representing IBM, and Fauzia Zaman-Malik will represent Accenture, and Cathy Tanelli will represent International Paper. We'll also hand out a tip-sheet at the end of the panel. [Again, next week, I'll share it.] We won't have charts for the panel, other than one with our names and titles on it. We'll have some amazing stories, though, I'm confident.

On Saturday, Frank Jania and I will co-facilitate "Web 2.0, What it is, and What's in it for You." I learned a great deal, working with Frank, and I hope he learned a bit from me, too. I'll wait to post our presentation till we return from Austin, since it doesn't happen till the weekend (if the expected hurricane doesn't interfere). Hands-down, it's the most stylish presentation I've ever co-created -- thanks to Frank's great design sense.

Learn more about the Out & Equal Workplace Summit. I'm hoping that every one of the 13 panels or workshops in which IBMers are either co-facilitating, moderating or serving as panelists will post any charts or tip-sheets they hand out on Cattail [effectively, an internal, web-based team room], as we're doing....

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