Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cat Company

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Pat's with David & Gerard

The girls are keeping me company on and off -- they swirl in and out of the room as I sit here, wishing for either of them to hop on my lap. Now, they're gone again. Am I being punished for getting home later than usual tonight?

Tonight, I'm finally pausing to try to read through the small book of my grandfather's Hebrew poetry that my aunt gave me when I lived in Jerusalem at 20. It contains 28 poems and I can understand only one stanza of the fourth one: "Chedri ("My Room"):"

Kal ha'adam li zar
Kal ha'olam li tzar
Oolam tov li m'od
B'toch chedri ha'kar

Every person is a stranger to me
All the world is sorrowful to me
But it's very good for me
In my cold room.

Not too cheery! I never knew my grandfather. Now, I get to know him a little through the pieces of his poetry that I can make out.

Pat's home and the kitties are also commanding my attention!

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