Tuesday, April 28, 2009

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I Saw This

Our home PC has CNN as its default home page and the title of the news item caught my eye: "'Sisterly love' in the air? Women are leaving husbands and boyfriends for other women." It's so delicious to hear openly-lesbian actor, Cherry Jones, as "Madam President" in the background as I write about this, as a star of the TV show, "24," which Pat's watching. Lesbians are everywhere these days. I'm so glad that we're more visible now than ever before.

The article reminded me of an observation I made while living in Israel at 20: During a Shabbat dinner at a hospitable, ultra-Orthodox family's home, I asked a few questions on why Jewish Law was the way it was, or on why the rituals and traditions were as they were, and every time, the husband answered along the lines of God's will while the wife tried to consider the questions and respond thoughtfully.

This CNN/ article and an earlier one I saw in "The New York Times" Sunday magazine some months ago, referred to women's sexual fluidity. I'm pretty sure the same scholar, Lisa Diamond, was quoted in both articles, and that both were referring to the same study around what women found arousing vs. what men did.

In both articles, I read that men were aroused only by the gender associated with their sexual orientation while women didn't discriminate. I think it was the use of the word, "rigid" in relation to men in the article that reminded me of the experience I had at that Shabbat dinner in Jerusalem.

No doubt, there are women who are rigid and men who are fluid and I wonder why this sort of research is being conducted, and to what end.

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