Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Poem

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Fraternal Twins from Different Mothers

Two high-school girls mistaken for each other routinely
One, a Scandinavian-American diver
The other, a Jewish[-Russian]-American disco roller-skater
One, super-private, yet who laughed easily
The other, super-public, yet who used her wit to hide behind

Could they have imagined a reunion
More than a quarter of a century later
Where the super-private one would give a reading
So revealing that a whole roomful of souls would be represented?

Could they have imagined their mothers meeting
For the first time during the former girls' middle-age
And the empathy that each mother would feel for the other?

Two middle-aged, high-school girls, marveling at each other's gift:
A gorgeous memoir and wildly-various tulips from a grownup garden.

What a mirror of each other they turned out, after all, to be.

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