Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Disrespecting My Blog

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Writing an Entry While Watching "Rescue Me"

One of my close relatives created a Facebook profile today. The first scene of "Rescue Me" reminds me of the first few lines of this week's "New Yorker" story.

I sent a suggested photo to my relative to use as the profile picture. This relative and I are so different. God, I'm hungry for dinner.

Our lawn-mower broke and so our neighbor Sam mowed the rest of it for us. How great is that? Tomorrow night, is my final class of the semester. What did I learn? I learned about synchronicity and that's the biggest thing. I don't know how I'll be different as a result of that class, Time and Learning.

Learning is so like that, in every realm. We know, as educators, that we're helping others grow, but why isn't it more quantifiable?

Why did a colleague discount Twitter earlier today? Same reason my relative is reluctantly now on Facebook. What sort of person is attracted to social technologies and what sort, repelled?

Well, I wonder if there are any narcissists who don't value social media, i.e., can someone who avoids all of these forums -- blogs, microblogs, social network profiles et al -- be nonetheless narcissistic? I'm reminded of a tweet I created some months ago, about how I've never been so self-absorbed and so social at once since the advent of all of these public posting and exchange opportunities. My thread is more coherent now, as the TV's on mute while Pat's generously preparing our dinner, so I can blog. God, I'm hungry.

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