Friday, May 1, 2009

Shabbat Chillaxin'

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Shabbat (Sabbath) Eve Possibilities

  • Lounging, Lazy-boy-by-Lazy-boy with Pat, catching up on Tivo'ed shows
  • Seeing if my friend Amy will help me help my Second Life avatar to become presentable
  • Sticking my face against the cool screen of the closest window for a minute, to stare at the marvelous Japanese Maple tree in our yard and to smell post-rain spring
  • Reading "The Columbia Spectator" cover to cover and Teachers College newsletters
  • Learning more about Kafka from Louis Begley
  • Reading more of Motherless Brooklyn pre-sleep
  • Ignoring the crawling text of CNN
  • Daydreaming about Pat's and my upcoming vacation with our Floridian friends
  • Going to bed relatively early
  • Petting a curled-up kitty
  • Being mesmerized by the design of a curled-up kitty's tabbie fur
  • Visiting all of the new plants that Pat bought at the plant-sale where she volunteered all day; was she the best customer, too?
  • Calling my mother to see how her day was
  • Speaking with my 16-year-old nephew Zach about his sitar-love....

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