Sunday, May 3, 2009

Teleporting Back to Childhood...

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With a Childhood Friend

The best parts of this snapshot: the amethyst crystals in the background and my friend -- we'll call her by her Second Life name -- Amarynth, who's wearing multi-colored, translucent angel-wings...and my gamer-girl getup; I'm in the foreground. Amarynth is standing next to one of her relatives, who lives far away in real-life.

This snapshot is from after the donkey-ride at the Car Wash sim. When we were kids, we went to fairs with carnival-rides...when we weren't hunting for rocks, playing air-hockey at the arcade in Norwalk or looking at "Tiger Beat" magazine together. It was silly and fun to be sitting in the back of the cart with our grown-up outfits, Amarynth's longer hair, blowing in the breeze as we rode around the odd mall. Here, we're about to enter a carnival ride like none there ever was 30+ years ago.

Amarynth wondered if we could ride in the same bubble. "Let's try," I suggested. I hopped into it and apparently, it was half possible; I got to ride inside it and she sat atop it. It was as close to a psychedelic experience as I've ever had. We tumbled and tumbled through the sky, 1,000 meters, finally landing on the gorgeous property of a very tall woman named Bambitwice.

Bambitwice appeared and asked if she could help us. Amarynth did most of the chatting and I just followed along for whatever the next adventure would be. Bambi told us that she would show us something really neat; we followed her till she took us to an outdoor shore, where she raised her arms in the air and made it start raining. And then she let us experience a tornado -- as part of it. I actually held my breath through a lot of it; that's how real it felt.

Finally, our guide of the surreal ushered us over to the Museum of Illusions she had created, where one of the exhibits offered each of us a free pair of anti-gravity boots. They were just the thing to complete the elegant outfit that Amarynth had generously given to me earlier in our adventure.

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