Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Future

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No One Knows It, Happily...

A couple of colleagues hosted a party for our gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employee networking group at their home this afternoon and we drove 90 minutes each way to be there.

What's staying with me is how continuity and change live together; their home was as gorgeous as ever, and still on a beautiful piece of land, but we were struck by some differences since the last time they hosted this event, in the Spring of '06:

  1. Two of my long-time colleagues with whom I spent much of the party last time no longer were with IBM -- one because she chose to go to another organization and another because one of her division's projects was discontinued
  2. Pat and I are kitty-mothers
  3. Not only was I accepted into the Masters program for which I applied at Columbia University's Teachers College -- which I wondered aloud with one of my colleagues at that 2006 party if I should even apply -- I've completed half of the program so far, going part-time, one course per semester
  4. My mom has had two breast cancer scares -- one real and one not, and thank God has survived the real bout
  5. Pat has practically become certified by Rutgers as a Master Gardener
  6. I'm enjoying a second-wave of technology excitement, like I haven't felt since the mid-late '90s due to Web 2.0 and Virtual World environments
  7. Pat and I've lived in India for six months and have returned from India.

What will happen over the next three years, I wonder, but am glad to discover it as we go.

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