Friday, June 8, 2007

Shabbat Shalom

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Golden Usefulness

Someone I know who survived a grave illness called me for advice today. The person was interviewing for a job, better than any the person had ever before had, and wanted to know if the title of the position sounded appropriate.

"I don't know anyone else in the corporate world," the person said.

"It sounds great," I reassured the person.

"I'm feeling tearful right now....I'm feeling very emotional. Grateful. Remembering that I survived what I survived, and now, having this opportunity, it's --"

I laughed.

"I know you've got to go, and I don't want to keep you, but --"

"No, I'm laughing because recently, I said to you, 'Someday, we'll laugh about all this [i.e., your search for super-meaningful work],' when I should have said --"

"Someday, we'll cry about it!"


"That walk you're taking right now to clear your head prior to the interview, let it be a glorious walk. You're in such a wonderful position with your life right now."

"It is glorious."

When is the last time you've been so grateful, it made you cry?

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