Tuesday, August 21, 2007

100th Blog Entry

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Milestones Matter

I noticed just now that my previous blog entry was #99, and so I wanted to make it 100. Who knew that I'd have the stamina? I guess I did. I love to write and reflect. I was born to blog.

Illness Cured Inspires Gratitude

Cipro is miraculous. It kicked in this afternoon and Pat and I went to dinner at the clubhouse and I had something other than yogurt.

Tomorrow will mark four more months to my short-term foreign service assignment in India.

The Cipro miracle makes me want to list other things I'm grateful for:

  • Pat's companionship and witty punditry always, and particularly while we're far from much of what's familiar
  • The mission I have, to help IBM India leaders at all levels be even more effective through my work here
  • My management's sponsorship of me in this assignment and in my Masters education
  • Being able-bodied
  • Being mentally-well
  • That people here are most often warm in my experience
  • That I have a particularly dear friend and colleague here
  • I'm gaining direct appreciation for more of the world's humanity
  • Hinduism is on my radar now, where it was remote prior to living here
  • A colleague was receptive to my coaching on her leadership development facilitation
  • There's a gorgeous pool close by
  • "Red Cap" is shown on BBC six minutes
  • We live in a nice house; my favorite part is walking out the door every morning past the roses and hibiscuses in the garden....

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