Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy Independence Day, Again!

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July 4th - August 15th

Today is the 60th anniversary of India's Independence. Where we live, it's as blessedly quiet as ever, though people are driving around with Indian flags festooning their cars and trucks, and the flowers-in-water arrangement by the fitness center features three stripes of orange, white and green, in honor and imitation of India's flag.

Pat and I just finished a 45-minute swim. The air and water were inviting today. During my laps, I watched a stray mini-palm frond travel around the bottom of the pool and a water-winged toddler paddle back and forth in a blow-up alligator.

What is independence? In general, I mean. Today, it feels like choosing to work at home, and opting out of randomly watching a parade in town, and especially, it means taking a break and going for a soothing swim with Pat, and appreciating all sorts of exotic flowers and fig trees in people's gardens during our walk home.


Anonymous said...

There's definately a lovely mood coming from the IBM colleagues I speak to at the Embassy Golf Links Business Park.
I believe there's been free food today & lots of merriment.
I'm trying to get them to send some pictures over but someone's forgotten their lead to the webcam.

By the way... enjoying reading your blog when I can. Rachel (IBM EAGLE - UK)

Sarah Siegel said...

Rachel, thanks for stopping by and do visit again soon. If ever I give up the connection, Pat'll be posting more pix on her photo blog ( you're eager for India photos, though none of our colleagues at EGL, unfortunately.