Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sleepy...Yet in a Good Mood

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I ought to be asleep now, but I've had such a nice day that it's hard to quit. This morning, I asked Chitra if "bindaas" was always a good quality.

"It's powerful, like your word, 'chutzpah'. It can be all-positive, and sometimes...." In our niece's case, I'm sure that it's purely positive.

Our oldest nephew, also 14, might have an upcoming sitar concert broadcast on YouTube. How amazing is this electronic social networking world.

Offline, one of our twin nephews, who's eight, ran for Student Council recently and got elected as an Alternate. And our other nephew, also eight, wrote a love-song and plays it on his guitar.

All of them will be taller by our return.

Not Our Typical Sukkot Season

Sukkot began last night and I know only because an online, multicultural calendar sends me e-mail of all holidays that I have registered for, by country. It extends through next Wednesday and I wonder if eating outside, by the pool here is at all close to sitting in a sukkah.

Thinking that I would give it as a gift to any Jewish family I met here, I brought a hand-painted, purple silk Afikomen cover, made in Jerusalem, to give away as a gift. Afterall, I don't think we'll meet more Jews and so I'm thinking that I'll give it to one of my colleagues, who hosted a Jewish cultural evening with his Christian Bible study group recently.

If he ever hosts a model-seder, he'll be artfully-equipped.

I'm also missing the turning of the leaves, but we're compensated generously by the African tulip trees all over the city, which bloom in September.

It's hard to believe that September ends this weekend. Tempus fugit; I can remember almost none of the three years of Latin I studied in high school otherwise.

Today was a great day because work was exciting, the weather was gorgeous -- cool and sunny -- and everything seemed familiar to me, like I was no longer a new visitor.

Incoherence is nearby and so I'll stop now.

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