Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hard Labor

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Wheelbarrowing Fieldstones on a Sunday Afternoon

New Jersey shale is brown and gray, but mostly brown. Pat and I feel like experts in it, having spent the afternoon, transporting it from the front-side-yard to the backyard, so that Pat could fashion a short garden wall from it during the week.

As my thighs and shoulders soldiered on, I kept trying to pretend it was part of a "Zoom" project. In a way, it was. I wondered how many watched the children's TV show as kids in the '70s. I loved it.

If this had been an actual Zoom project, the cameras would have shown only one of the wheelbarrow transports and then would have shown the rocks piled in the rough outline of the wall, as they looked once all of the hundreds of them were transported.

Then the cameraperson would have shown a faster version of Pat pouring topsoil throughout the space; and then planting azalea bushes and flowers and/or vegetables; and then spreading naked, not dyed, cedar mulch over top; and then standing with her hands on her hips, smiling triumphantly. Unfortunately, this project is taking place without the benefit of trick-photography, in real-time and so it might be weeks of the two of us, constructing, digging, planting and spreading topsoil and mulch before there are any triumphant grins.

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