Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Well Is Still Damp

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...And Will Become Full Again, I Hope, with Time

Today, at lunch, a colleague told me that she was gardening last weekend and had to move a rock off of a tulip, so it could grow. "I moved the rock and thought, staring at the tulip, that's me!" she said and continued, saying that she wanted the courage and time to take a course in a subject that interested her. Each day she sat on the application was a day that she felt a rock, sitting on her.

This week has been a rock piled on me.

At first, it was great, swimming two days in a row, Sunday and Monday, but then I had to be at work too early on Wednesday and Thursday. I was at an amazing Web 2.0 conference at the beginning of the week and then a two-day meeting, and I've paid for it. At lunch, I responded to my colleague: "I know what you mean. I blog as a creative outlet and when I do not get to do it, or am too tired, I actually feel angry."

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