Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Please Keep Coming Back...

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I know I've been a poor correspondent lately. Please keep coming back, or come again in any case.

Lately, I've been doing a ton of writing for work, including some internal blogging behind our firewall about my mission for work, and have been working on two papers at once for school.

It's coming up on this blog's one-year anniversary....Oy! Just like a neglectful partner, I forgot the anniversary! I just looked and saw that I made my debut on March 31st. And the blog has been so good to me so far. I feel guilty to be slowing down for now, and want to will it not to be a trend.

I do learn by writing, as William Zinsser wrote about, and I've learned a great deal over the year. Also, the sitemeter keeps me going.

About a week ago, a friend called this what it is -- tailor-made for a narcissist. You know what, though? So be it.

She also said the same thing my best-selling-author friend Alice Dark once said to me about writers, "Sitting in a room by themselves, typing, they're not hurting anyone."

Right. I'm not hurting anyone, and at a minimum, am helping myself, and ideally, every now and then, I'm helping someone, who happens upon my blog. At a work conference yesterday, a colleague said, "I recognize you. You have an external blog, don't you?" What a thrill! Moments like that keep me coming back to this.

What would it be like to write things that appealed to masses of people? The sitemeter is holding steady a year later with an average of between 20 and 30 visitors per day. They are not masses of people, and I'm not meaning to sound like an ingrate; I'm delighted for everyone's visit...even if some of them are just looking up "bowling in Bangalore;" "Kristin Davis Jewish?" or "Dorothy Heroy Pool" in Stamford, CT.

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