Saturday, April 19, 2008

Zman Shel Pesach

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Pesek Zman

It's Passover time (which is the translation of this blog entry's title), and the Hebrew words for "Passover time" remind me of the name of my favorite candy bar when I lived in Jerusalem for the year in 1985-86, "Pesek Zman," which meant "Time Out."
well enough to be there. I remember when Zoe was old enough to sing "The Four Questions," and I became no longer the youngest at the seder (it's the role of the youngest child to sing them); that was a decade ago.

Back then, no one, yet, had the host of very serious health challenges that our family has been enduring. 9-11 had not yet happened and the United States was not yet at war in Iraq...

Zman Cherutaynu (The Time of Our Freedom)

..And in parallel -- because there's always joy with pain in my experience -- our gorgeous, twin nephews and godchildren Max and Sam had not yet been born; our sitar-star nephew Zach had not yet discovered his talent; our bindaas niece Zoe had not yet been accepted at LaGuardia Arts High School; Pat had not yet retired and gone on to do essential volunteer work; and I had not yet gone to grad. school or done as much as I have by now in my work; or launched this blog.

Passover is all about Zman cherutaynu -- from slavery in ancient Egypt. Even as my mother is enslaved to her necessary accident recovery period at this time, I need to think about freedoms I am free to celebrate, including expressing myself on this blog, and its accompanying delivery of serenity.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,
Chag sameach pesach!
Just as I was reading this post, an email arrived for a play, "One Of A Kind", a children's theatre work about a family of Ethiopian Jews fleeing to safety in Israel.
It seemed topical, so I figured I'd share it:
-- Natarajan

Sarah Siegel said...

Natarajan, thanks for the tip.

Also, just visited your blog and it made me hungry!