Thursday, May 22, 2008

Chak de Florida!

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Friday to late-Monday

We returned from six months in India just before the New Year in 2008 and so, having just done a tremendous amount of flying, we skipped our annual New Year's trip to our formerly New Jerseyan friends, who now live in Florida. Instead, we'll spend Memorial Day Weekend with them, starting on Friday.

I feel like we just got back again. And going to Florida will remind us of Bangalore with all of the palm trees, but Florida will be more humid. Our friends will not remind us of Indian colleagues and friends, though; they are originally from North Dakota and New Jersey.

It's not clear that I'll be able to blog while we're in Florida, as we won't have either of our laptops with us, and so I'll miss posting till at least next Tuesday if that's the case. I truly hope/plan to find a way to blog, but just in case....

A Very Local Film Fest

Pat and I just watched "Chak de India!" finally. It was motivational and heartening the way the best sports movies are.

We had brought it home with us, along with a few other Indian films and just now got around to seeing it. Prior to it, we watched "Gentlemen's Agreement."

Both films were about underdogs -- standing up for, or as, them. We just finished a Public Broadcasting Service series last night, "The Jewish Americans," which also featured stories about triumphing against the odds.

We started to watch "Kim," which we rented recently, but Errol Flynn looked so silly as Mahbub Ali that I couldn't keep watching. I had loved the book as a kid, but the movie was spoiling all of the pictures I had formed in my imagination.

Weird how Dean Stockwell played the son in "Gentlemen's Agreement" and then Kim in "Kim," and we happened to try to see both films in the same evening.

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