Sunday, May 18, 2008

Jewish Art -- Less of an Oxymoron Now

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...Than When I Was a Kid

This article reminded me of the Jewish Art seminar my mom took me to at the Jewish Museum when I was a pre-teen. Back then, probably around 1979 or so, the seminar leader spoke of ritual Jewish art, but if I remember correctly, said that there wasn't a lot of figurative Jewish art historically. Sure, there was work by Jewish artists, including Marc Chagall, Jacques Lipschitz, Camille Pissaro and Judy Chicago, but there was no profusion work by Israeli artists, as there seems to be today.

I think it's so interesting that while I was sitting in that Jewish museum workshop, today's Israeli artists were kids, gaining the necessary inspiration to create today's Israeli art...and then in March of 2008, nearly 30 years later, I sat in the same auditorium of the Jewish Museum, again invited by my mother, watching a slide-lecture, featuring many of the works referred to in the "New York Times" article.

Inspiration was all it took.

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