Friday, May 2, 2008

"I Know This Is Your Issue"

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Riki Wilchins Told Me Tonight....

"It *is* my issue," I agreed, "And so's my synagogue." In other words, most of our discretionary, philanthropic money goes to our synagogue.

"I understand, but...."

GenderPAC's mission *is* my issue. I'm a woman, who has loved wearing men's ties; who feels aroused whenever I wear traditionally feminine clothing; who never feels at home in mainstream women's organizations; whose best friends are women; who is entranced by beautiful women; who never wants to wear a dress again; who wouldn't wear a sari while living in India out of shyness at bearing any of my torso, even though it's a relatively nice torso; who wishes the general public would recognize what I see as my essential femaleness; who wishes I could wear men's suits and ties and be a "lady-killer;" who wants genderless equality...not equality for the sexless, but for those, who straddle gender.

I have athletic features; women's eyes and brows; a man's jaw; a woman's neck and ears; women's fingers; a man's height; women's hips, but scarcely a woman's chest; a woman's and a man's smile in parallel....

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