Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gaining Mastery of Web 2.0

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Qualifying for Gen V and then AARP

This afternoon, one of our company's leaders spoke of how it's not about your age, but that Web 2.0 is for anyone, who gains mastery of it. He also quoted Irving Wladawsky-Berger, who's included in my blogroll, as giving the best definition of Web 2.0 that he's heard: It puts the tools of information production into the hands of humanity,"[rather than just in the hands of the very few.]

Recently, a colleague invited me to a synchronous virtual classroom event, featuring, Carol Rozwell, who is a vice president and distinguished analyst on Gartner's Collaboration and Social Software team. She said, given that she is "...of a certain age," she doesn't appreciate all of the talk about social networking tools being predominantly adopted by young people. She said that she coined a term for the people of all ages, who love and engage in using the tools of Web 2.0: "Gen V" (I'm guessing the "V" is for Virtual).

Personally, I am more savvy than my nephews and niece on this stuff. Two are teenagers and two are nine-year-old identical twins.

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